Frequently Asked Questions

How long is our waitlist?

We encourage you to contact us to have a discussion about our waitlist. At this stage, we do have a short waitlist. As we constantly have families moving out of the region or some children starting school and is able to free up certain appointment time slots that suits you and your family.

What are the funding options available?

We are currently only able to support clients with National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS) and has to be either Self-Managed, or Plan Managed or self-funded.

Contact us to find out more!

What are our fees and charges like?

Our fees and charges are based on the recommendation of NDIS price guide. Rates will vary according to the changes made by NDIS. We charge for both direct and non-direct services hourly and part thereof.

Therapy sessions are charged according to NDIS recommended hourly rate.
Items are pro-rata according to service rendered to clients in each session.

Some examples of direct services - home, kinder, childcare, school visits etc.
Some examples of non-direct services - travel, writing of reports, letters, resources, liaison with health care professionals, consultation with other professionals or NDIS planners, etc.

Payments of services to be made within 3 business days of invoice issue date.

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Where are the areas that we provide our services?

We work with families in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Mainly but not limited to, Craigieburn, Mickleham, Kalkallo etc

What is our cancellation policy?

We will charge 100% of the session if cancellation is less then two business days' notice. We are happy to have tele-health options available to you in place of visits, we encourage this option as an alternative, if someone at home is unwell. Unfortunately, if you cancel on us after we arrived at your place, we will have to charge you for travel as well.

For example, if your scheduled visit is on Monday at 10am, we require you to give us the notice by the Thuesday before 10am.

If our therapist have to cancel the visits due to unforeseen circumstances, we will endeavor to inform you at the soonest possible time either via phone call or text messages and contact you for a re-schedule.

If you cancel often, we will discuss with you if our service is the right fit for you and your family and how we can better support you for therapy visits.

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What if your child or someone at home is unwell?

We greatly appreciate parents to let us know if someone at home is unwell, either with flu like symptoms, fever, covid-like symptoms and gastro symptoms. We hope you understand that we travel from homes to homes and we often work with children who has compromised immunity. We hope we can all do our part to prevent the spread of viruses. We are happy to offer tele-health as an alternative or other non-direct services that are useful for you and your child.

Why do we only work with children before school age?

We have lots of experience and training to work with children in the younger age group. We would like to tap on our expertise and knowlege to support more children and family of this age group and to ensure we keep updated with the evidenced based practice for younger children. Ultimately, our aim is to provide quality early years service and support for younger children and their family.