Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

This privacy and confidentiality policy is to provide information on how we protect and handle personal and health information is collected and used, and the circumstances that we may share with third parties.

How we use you and your child’s information?
Ohana Kids Therapy needs to collect information about you and your child for the purpose of providing quality treatment and assessment. Only staff who needs the information will have access to it. Information will also be used for administrative purposes such as invoicing etc.

How we collect you and your child’s information?
At our first appointment we will be collecting information about you and your child’s personal information for registration. Throughout the course of the service, we will also collect and update the relevant information shared. With your consent, we may also collect information from other sources that are relevant. Some examples are
* Allied health professionals, GP, Paediatricians, hospitals, other healthcare specialist, community services, MCHN, childcare, kinder, schools, etc.
*you and your child’s health fund, Medicare or NDIS (only when necessary) This information may be collected verbally, in writing, by electronic communication or online tools and forms.

Who do we share you and your child’s information with?
Ohana Kids Therapy may disclose information regarding diagnosis, treatment to other providers with your consent for the purpose of providing appropriate services and care for you and your child.

How do we store and protect you and your child’s personal information?
To keep your information secure, we will take reasonable steps to protect information such as storing all information securely. We store your information and files in a password protected Australian electronic health information system called Halaxy. For more information see, Paper records are digitally scanned and uploaded to Halaxy and paper records are securely destroyed.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

This booking and cancellation policy is to provide information on making appointments and cancellation procedures.

Appointments Booking
For the first appointment, we will send you a text message to confirm the first appointment after discussion with you. We will also send you an email regarding the fees and charges for the initial appointment.

After the first appointment, we will discuss and make an agreement on a series of appointments, these appointments are accepted verbally, through text messages, or email. These agreements will signify that the appointment can be delivered at the date, time and place that is scheduled.

Changes to appointment, Cancellation Policy and Fees
As per NDIS pricing recommendations, we will accept cancellations two business days before an appointment. A business day for us is from Monday to Friday. For example, if your scheduled visit is on Monday at 10AM, we require you to give us the notice by the Thursday before 10am. We will charge a full session of an hour if cancellation is less than two business days’ notice.

You must notify us by email or by phone or SMS text to 0404 577 311.

We highly recommend and will be happy to offer tele-health sessions in-place of any last-minute cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, as we understand that it is not safe for us to have a scheduled appointment at home if someone is unwell.

We appreciate you contacting us to discuss appointment options if someone is unwell, as we do visit homes that may have people with weaker immunity and are vulnerable to virus.
If you cancel often, we will discuss with you if our service is the right fit for you and your family and how we can better support you for therapy visit.

No show
Cancellation after us arriving at your place, we will have to charge a full session as well as the travelling cost incurred.

Continuation of service
Fees and other charges must be paid in full, and in Australian currency, by bank transfer before the due date (3 working days from appointment date) when invoiced. Appointments that are not paid or proven to be paid (screen shots of payment if it’s done via bank transfer), will result in cancellation of appointments.

Failure in paying on time may result in termination of service. We will endeavour to reach out and contact you to see how we can better support you to avoid this situation. We appreciate if you can let us know upon payment or when you have difficulty paying.

If you fail to attend two or more Appointments, we reserve the right to discharge you and/or any person under your care from our service without notice.

Fees and Charges Policies

This fees and charges policy is to provide information on the type of services that we offer and their respective fees.

What do we charge you for?
Our fees and charges are based on the recommendation of NDIS price guide. Rates will vary according to the changes made by NDIS. We charge for both direct and non-direct services hourly and part thereof.

Some examples of direct services - home, kinder, childcare, school visits etc.

Some examples of non-direct services - travel, writing of reports and file notes, letters, resources, liaison with health care professionals, consultation with other professionals or NDIS planners, etc.

Payments of services must be made within 3 business days of invoice issue date. Outstanding payments must be provided prior to the next session provided.

We get our recommended fees and charges for Early Childhood Intervention Services through NDIS Price Guide.

If you are self-funded, please contact us through email or phone for more information